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Gold News: India Showing Positive Signs [DETAILS]

Posted On August 9, 2018 10:49 am

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There’s so much “different” gold news today that we can’t limit ourselves to just one bit.  Here’s a quick review of what’s affecting gold this morning.
Preliminary numbers out of India show gold market, but this Gold Enthusiast thinks direct ties to gold are mythical more than realistic.  Strangely absent from the news lately is the fact that the Russian ruble has plunged, now bouncing near 2-year lows following the latest sanctions by the US.
All in all these things are at the very least not giving gold any more reasons to drop, if not propping up the bottom.  In the end of course, the market gets the final say…
Signed, The Gold Enthusiast
DISCLAIMER: No specific securities were mentioned in this article.  The author is long a small basket of gold mining stocks, no positions large enough to affect any market, and no intentions of trading any of it in the next 48 hours.

Originally posted at Mike Hammer – The Gold Enthusiast

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