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Gold News: Singapore Report Paves Way for Gold

Posted On June 5, 2018 9:09 am

Gold News: Singapore Report Paves Way for Gold

Every now and then the Singapore Bullion Market Association (code named SBMA) puts together an informative newsletter-slash-magazine titled Crucible. And today, it’s got some interesting gold news. 

It’s typically full of interesting articles about this or that aspect of the gold market, highlighting interesting facets of the complex web the glittery metal has spun. The most recent edition came out yesterday, Issue 6 June 2018.  It features an article on the new settlement system and trading possibilities created by CGSE’s clearing system in Hong Kong.  

The new Quinhai Gold contracts offer standardized ways for end users, traders, and investors to do what they need to do with assurance that all will happen as expected.  Full faith and credit is a phrase we don’t hear much of nowadays outside an Econ 101 classroom, but the concept remains at the base of all equity, option and futures trading.  After all, if people lose faith that contracts will be honored they are very unlikely to show up in the market.  

It’s well worth a few minutes of your time to read the article starting on page 7 of today’s featured “document”, available for a free download here.

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