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Gold News: Ron Paul Spills The Beans

Posted On May 30, 2018 9:42 am

Gold News: Ron Paul Spills The Beans

When Dr Ron Paul speaks, you should listen. Not because what he says will immediately impact your life in huge ways, but because the things he talks about affect your life in subtle yet very important ways. Today’s gold news will be a case in point. In Congress, he had the reputation of being a whistleblower, to the point that his own party campaigned against him. Nothing says you’re dangerous in politics like your own party campaigning against you.

Dr Paul founded the Mises Institute, which promotes peace, liberty, and sound economics.  We’ve talked about him before. And yes, he’s a real medical doctor, too. Now that he is retired from Congress, he doesn’t make front-page news often, but is certainly worth remembering and looking in on from time to time.  

This latest interview showcases his views on “gold, war and my years in Congress”, and even has a few spicy tidbits about how many elected officials think of their constituents. Spoiler alert: it ain’t flattering.

We’ve found Dr Paul to be a balanced source of rationality, deep thought, and empathy over the years so we’ll take this opportunity to make the interview today’s featured article.

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