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Gold News: How Will Gold Fare in 2048?

Posted On May 17, 2018 9:35 am

Gold News: How Will Gold Fare in 2048?

With international gold’s drop settling on 1285 for now, let’s open our horizons a bit for gold news.  Yesterday the World Gold Council released a report looking at the long term for gold.  And by long term they don’t mean 5 years, they mean 30.

As in, what can we expect the world of gold to look like in 2048? The WGC picked a handful of “industry experts” (in quotes because this Gold Enthusiast hasn’t checked them out) to think about where the world is heading, and how gold would most naturally fit in that picture. The paper starts with a look at the economic climate and where it’s likely headed, then talks about India and China, new trends in gold mining, and outlines gold’s role in and around geopolitical issues.

The paper also has a few sections with enticing titles like “Alternatives.” However, there is no mention of Bitcoin or any cybercurrency effect on gold demand. That is indeed sad.  You can get your copy for free from the WGC, though you’ll have to log in with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. Then you can save it for your weekend reading pleasure.

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